About Us

A purpose-built global career mobility solutions company transforming individual professionals and enterprise work-force by addressing the digital skills gap, train and empower them to forge a dream career path into future tech. From our perspective, the need for reskilling and upskilling opportunities has never been higher. No matter the times career growth is key for people and the most exciting thing is to train the talent that the university does not cultivate, but that industry needs.



Our Belief

We believe everyone is driven by an innate desire to learn and grow. By equipping people with the skills, the world needs, we help them redefine their careers, their companies and their lives. Today, people need to continuously build their skills and stay ready to take advantage of the next opportunity in an ever-changing world.

Our Core Values

Be Bold, Be Innovative

Achieving SmartCliff’s mission requires creativity, innovative ideas, and new ways of thinking. We’re willing to try hard things, take big bets, and work on problems that haven’t been solved before.

Focus on Individual impact

At all times, we remain focused on the impact we have for students, and the families and educators who support them. What makes SmartCliff unique is our relentless focus on career mobility and transforming their lives.

Progress Over Perfection

We believe that the best way to have an impact in the world and to build a great company is through continuous progress, paired with iteration, experimentation and learning. We strive to get better every day and we take a growth mindset.

Care About People

We take a human-first approach to building our organization. We care deeply about our teammates, our clients, the students, educators and families we serve.


Real work life simulation

A normal day simulates a real workday as much as possible.

In addition to training programs, it consists of coding, daily scrum, agile development and a code review.

Advantages of the Program

Tools Used


Grow at SmartCliff

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